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Mar. 29th, 2010

top hat


I can't believe that I think I have the time to post on here, but I'm all tired and exhausted and my brain is all mooshy from sewing for hours and hours so it sounds like a good idea! I haven't posted in so long - why? Because I'm working like mad on things for Sakura-con. That's right, I'm making some pretty awesome things. Like.... crowns with SPIKES on them. Spikes! How cool? Pretty cool. I'm stoked. I've dreamt about it for months now. I'm also making shiny vinyl crowns for all those goth raver lolis that like shiny black vinyl. They look cooler than it sounds.

Also new: Beautiful crimson loli dresses with black ruffled underskirt. These underskirts are really ruffled; each one has about five yards of fabric in them. FIVE YARDS! And that's just the underskirt. I really do go too far sometimes, but these are awesome. I couldn't justify making it cheaper by only having ruffles where it'll show - they really puff the skirt out.They also have a stretch layer in front on top so they fit quite well. I'm in love with them (I'm even keeping one for myself which is rare). I wish I had more time to make more before the con, but soon I will make plaid loli dresses. I CAN'T WAIT! They will be SO awesome.

Lots of new things will be coming, so look forward to seeing me there! I'll be in the vendor's hall somewhat in the middle?  We'll be having free raffles as always and we'll be selling kitty hats for cheap cheap CHEAP because I'm tired of them and NEED TO GET THEM OUT OF MY HOME.

I should go now, my sleeplessness and overexertion is making me do silly things like ramble in this journal. I'm sure Loch will read this later and laugh at me with scorn for it. SCORN!

Well, until next time..... (dun dun dun)

Mar. 7th, 2010

top hat

Meryl Cosplay

So I haven't posted in forever and I'm fantastically busy but I just finished this costume and I'm excited about it so I figured I'd share. It's not for me (sadly), but a commission for someone else, but I feel I did a decent job (I need to stop being so obsessive over little details! Raaahh). Please excuse the terrible photos, they were taken at night with no light other than my kitchen and I was too lazy to create a nice backdrop or edit them in any way:


I also made a neat corset out of copper for my 3D sculpture class, but I'm too busy and lazy to photograph it right now. I want to though, because it is of the awesome. Well, that's as far as it goes for this update, stay tuned for more! (HAHAHAHHA yeah right probably not until after Sakuracon because I'm so freakishly busy laksdjlfk)

Jan. 25th, 2010


Stuff and things!

I know, I haven't posted in ages, but I've been so busy. And when I'm not busy I've just been so lazy. So on average, I do a moderate amount of work every day, regularly. It all works out. Anyways, I'll put up some photos here of my new things! Wooo...
Steampunk Loli Headdress! I love it, though it's not new.

This skirt is absolutely gorgeous, and I plan to be doing more with the idea:

And of course, I have some new hats, oh how I love them.

I've also posted a bunch more of my lolita headdresses, which I've been meaning to do forEVER. If I get around to it tonight, there will be two more skirts, one cute, and the other amazing. Of course you can see more at my etsy here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/teatimeinc

As for me, I'm back in classes (though only taking 10 credits), found a new roommate, and am beginning to mentally prepare myself to actually physically prepare myself to work on Sakura con stuff. I'm starting to sketch some specific project ideas... I'm excited! But first, I need to make some new pants for myself to wear to ballet, and possibly a punk rock tutu. (It started as a joke, and now it's a good idea.) Ha.

But here's the ultimate question.... do I watch The Storyteller or continue to listen to A Hat Full of Sky? I think if I watch any more Star Trek today I'll lose my braiiIIiiiinnn.....

Hahaha, until next time....

Nov. 14th, 2009

top hat

Didn't work.

Mrrt. I want to show some of my new things, but I'm far too tired at the moment right now to do the whole picture thing...

Basically I just listed some new jewelry that's kinda cute and neat, and I'm working on some stuff that's going to be AWESOME. Watch out Orycon, here I come. Ya'll should look at my thingies here: teatimeinc.etsy.com

And notice the adorable light bulb necklace that I want to eat because it's so freakin' cute.

Speaking of Orycon, it's coming up and I'm working on new things for it. That is if I ever get back to work; I'm far too distracted by Terry Pratchett's new book, and am taking it slow instead of reading it all in one day. It's hard to read the slang while sleepy.

Akicon was terrible; we were in a freezing cold parking garage with TERRIBLE lighting and nearly no electricity. Someone blew a fuse the second day and my neighbor vendors' computer shut down so they couldn't record or ring up sales. The vendor's room was also not on the map, in the con program book, or advertised in any way at the con. I had to ask the nice man at the hotel desk for paper and made signs with a big black marker that I then hung up around the con, telling people that there was indeed a dealer's hall, and yes it was in a basement car park. Sigh....

Anyhow, more pictures will come eventually. I should sleep now.

Nov. 4th, 2009

top hat


All of you in the Everett area should come by at Aki-con this weekend! I am making so many freaking hats it's unbelievable. I have a lot of cool new headdresses also. And everything that was in the Steamcon fashion show will be for sale there so don't miss out!

Yup. That's about it. I have to make more hats now. And continue turning my brains to mush.


Oct. 26th, 2009

top hat

Halloween pumpkins

  Halloween is fast upon us and I must say that Naomi and I took the greatest pleasure in making jack-o-lanterns.  Last year I did a pumpkin that was really cool and totally failed to keep the pictures I took of it.   This year I have resurrected the design while avoiding Naomi's murderous stabs...it's true, I have pictures.




Jack-o-lanternsCollapse )

Oct. 17th, 2009

top hat


I wish I had the time and energy to post pictures of my now completed outfits, but alas I do not. They are, however, completely awesome and I am excited about the coming fashion show. I just finished my salmon and white outfit last night, venturing again into the world of light colored clothing, steering away from my normal blacks and burgundies. It looks amazing though, and I am quite pleased with it. I don't do pinks very often (and by that I mean I NEVER WORK WITH PINK EVER EVER), but I used a dusty tinted salmon hued fabric for the skirt and on the hat. Pure kawaii!

So that just leaves this vest I'm currently finishing, Chanin's pants, and then Molly, Jen and Eden's (maybe?) outfits. Let's see if I can finish them all next week! Wheeeee!!! It's a good thing I've been getting practically no hours at work. I like Halloween so much more when I don't have to deal with the crazy costume obsessed masses and their crying children.

Oh, and I got some cool new things at Fun Junk yesterday. I'm considering selling some of the watch/clock parts that I will probably never use, like the main spring that came in the clockwork grab bag I bought yesterday. If you've never heard of Fun Junk, check out the website funjunkonline.com <----- Nancy is wonderful.

Okay, that's it for my break, I have to get back to finishing the lining on this vest. It looks awesome too... wooooo!

Sep. 18th, 2009

top hat

These are so cool I have to take pictures....

Okay, so I made this ruffly neck cravat... with a keyhole on it! CooooOOoool.....(I know the pictures are absolutely awful, but I'm tired and am just compelled to do this quickly)

The idea of putting the keyhole on there was Loch's, and it was absolutely brilliant. I love it. Yay.

Oh, and I got this AWESOME bunch of watch parts from Fun Junk today:

Each little bottle is labled and numbered and has little parts of different varieties in it. There are 134 bottles (I obsessively sorted and organized them as soon as I got them), and I am playing with wire wrapping and whatnot. I made a neat little pendant out of one earlier; though I should be spending all of my time working on Steam Con things. I did make the cravat though, eh, eh?? That's work.....

Well, I need to go sleepytime now, have to work tomorrow then go out to Eastern Washington after work to hang out with Loch's parents.... fun!

top hat

New Shirt!

So, I started on this shirt last night and gave up in frustration with it because I keep making things too small for me (stupid boobs need to get smaller), but I picked it up today and worked on it and and I am now pleased. I spent way too much time on those damn ruffles. But I am relieved that I have one more item for the fashion show done, though someone smaller than me (probably Toeri) will have to wear it. Anyhow, here it is:

Though I'm not sure if this will be categorized as steampunk, I feel that it will be with the right outfit. I really wanted to make something involving pinstripes and ruffles. I have no idea what to price it at; I put a lot of time into making it very durable and every day wearable even though it is made of fabric that's a bit fragile. I can see them selling something like it at Macy's or something. How much would you pay for it?

Tomorrow I will start on some new plaid ruffly things that I am interested to see..... and I will really write that speech, I swear.

So many things to do, so many things. I can't believe I've found the time to post on here. WHEE!!!!

And yes, that is a VHS copy of Rumble in the Bronx in the bottom left corner there. I have already made fun of Loch for owning it. You may do so as well.

Sep. 9th, 2009

top hat

Stuff and things!

Okay, here are some new things I've got goin' on:

Some awesome new lockets

And the TOTALLY COOL new witch hats I'm making. Mainly my steampunk one here:

And of course the other ones; one of my favorites being this loli one:

And this black and purple gothed out one that turned out much better than I thought it would:

I have so much more to do and so many ideas for the Steam Con fashion show! Projects are underway and previews will be posted soon. Woot! Oh, and of course you can see more pictures of these things (and even buy them, imagine that!) at my etsy shop located here:  teatimeinc.etsy.com

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