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March 2010



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New Shirt!

So, I started on this shirt last night and gave up in frustration with it because I keep making things too small for me (stupid boobs need to get smaller), but I picked it up today and worked on it and and I am now pleased. I spent way too much time on those damn ruffles. But I am relieved that I have one more item for the fashion show done, though someone smaller than me (probably Toeri) will have to wear it. Anyhow, here it is:

Though I'm not sure if this will be categorized as steampunk, I feel that it will be with the right outfit. I really wanted to make something involving pinstripes and ruffles. I have no idea what to price it at; I put a lot of time into making it very durable and every day wearable even though it is made of fabric that's a bit fragile. I can see them selling something like it at Macy's or something. How much would you pay for it?

Tomorrow I will start on some new plaid ruffly things that I am interested to see..... and I will really write that speech, I swear.

So many things to do, so many things. I can't believe I've found the time to post on here. WHEE!!!!

And yes, that is a VHS copy of Rumble in the Bronx in the bottom left corner there. I have already made fun of Loch for owning it. You may do so as well.