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March 2010



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Didn't work.

Mrrt. I want to show some of my new things, but I'm far too tired at the moment right now to do the whole picture thing...

Basically I just listed some new jewelry that's kinda cute and neat, and I'm working on some stuff that's going to be AWESOME. Watch out Orycon, here I come. Ya'll should look at my thingies here: teatimeinc.etsy.com

And notice the adorable light bulb necklace that I want to eat because it's so freakin' cute.

Speaking of Orycon, it's coming up and I'm working on new things for it. That is if I ever get back to work; I'm far too distracted by Terry Pratchett's new book, and am taking it slow instead of reading it all in one day. It's hard to read the slang while sleepy.

Akicon was terrible; we were in a freezing cold parking garage with TERRIBLE lighting and nearly no electricity. Someone blew a fuse the second day and my neighbor vendors' computer shut down so they couldn't record or ring up sales. The vendor's room was also not on the map, in the con program book, or advertised in any way at the con. I had to ask the nice man at the hotel desk for paper and made signs with a big black marker that I then hung up around the con, telling people that there was indeed a dealer's hall, and yes it was in a basement car park. Sigh....

Anyhow, more pictures will come eventually. I should sleep now.