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top hat

March 2010



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March 29th, 2010

top hat


I can't believe that I think I have the time to post on here, but I'm all tired and exhausted and my brain is all mooshy from sewing for hours and hours so it sounds like a good idea! I haven't posted in so long - why? Because I'm working like mad on things for Sakura-con. That's right, I'm making some pretty awesome things. Like.... crowns with SPIKES on them. Spikes! How cool? Pretty cool. I'm stoked. I've dreamt about it for months now. I'm also making shiny vinyl crowns for all those goth raver lolis that like shiny black vinyl. They look cooler than it sounds.

Also new: Beautiful crimson loli dresses with black ruffled underskirt. These underskirts are really ruffled; each one has about five yards of fabric in them. FIVE YARDS! And that's just the underskirt. I really do go too far sometimes, but these are awesome. I couldn't justify making it cheaper by only having ruffles where it'll show - they really puff the skirt out.They also have a stretch layer in front on top so they fit quite well. I'm in love with them (I'm even keeping one for myself which is rare). I wish I had more time to make more before the con, but soon I will make plaid loli dresses. I CAN'T WAIT! They will be SO awesome.

Lots of new things will be coming, so look forward to seeing me there! I'll be in the vendor's hall somewhat in the middle?  We'll be having free raffles as always and we'll be selling kitty hats for cheap cheap CHEAP because I'm tired of them and NEED TO GET THEM OUT OF MY HOME.

I should go now, my sleeplessness and overexertion is making me do silly things like ramble in this journal. I'm sure Loch will read this later and laugh at me with scorn for it. SCORN!

Well, until next time..... (dun dun dun)